Ready for concrete pour

You can see the top of the rebar cage sitting below the top of the hole.  The wooden 2 x 4's support the tower's hinged base.  Three each 3-foot long by 1-inch diameter J-bolts are suspended through the holes in the hinged base with two nuts on each.  The form to the left of the tower footing is a one square foot ground rod box.  Although it is not visible, a 1" PVC conduit has been buried and goes between the left side of the ground box and the end of the new section of pool decking which will surround the footing.  This conduit will be used to run a drip irrigation hose to the ground rod box to keep the soil moist and more conductive.  An additional 3" diameter PVC pipe will be imbedded in the concrete during the pour.  That pipe goes from the right side of the ground rod box to a 90 degree elbow at the base of the tower and extends vertically out of the footing.  This conduit was added to protect the coax and allow a neater routing between the wall feed-through tubes and the tower base.