I spotted the HH20B from just outside the main gate at Burlington Northern Santa Fe's Commerce, California Locomotive Shops on June 27, 2010.  The guard was not helpful.  In fact, he threatened to call security when I started to snap photos from public land just outside the gate.

Although the rear of the HH20B was located within feet of the south bound on ramp to the San Diego Freeway, it was well hidden behind very thick bushes that line the on ramp.  The main gate to the yard is at the end of  a 1500 foot long city block that is a no parking zone for its entire length on both sides.  There are no other businesses on either side of the city street.  As I drove toward the guard house, I could not see the HH2B until I was within 50 feet of the gate.  It is obvious that BNSF is keeping 1205 persona non grata except for carefully controlled viewings.